About Us

In service since 1962, the American German Association of Higher Education has aptly been called the “voice of German & American Universities”. The Association represents and advocates for nearly 200 degree granting institutions enrolling more than 8 million students.

Building a Nation of Learners by Advancing Germany and America’s Universities

This mission statement captures GAAHE’s commitment to advance the recognition of the role of Universities in serving society today. By providing advocacy, leadership and service for Universities, the Association will play a key role in assisting the nation as it passes from the industrial era of the twentieth century to the new knowledge-based society of the twenty-first century.


GAAHE has five fundamental purposes:

  • To promote understanding, appreciation and support for the public purpose of publichigher education and the distinctive contributions of those institutions that comprisethe GAAHE membership;
  • To support member institutions in their mission to prepare students who can bedemonstrably competitive and effective in an economy and a society that requiresglobal literacy;
  • To advocate for effective public policy at the federal level and to provide policy analysisto advance member institutions and the students they serve;
  • To provide leadership for effective policy development and program support that willstrengthen academic quality, promote access and inclusion, foster regional stewardshipand economic progress, and facilitate educational innovation;
  • To create professional development opportunities for member presidents, and theirspouses and partners, system executives and other senior leaders and to undertake asystematic approach to fostering new leaders who will contribute to educationalinnovation.


GAAHE affirms its commitment to the following core values in fulfillment of its fundamental


  • Access and Inclusion

    Advocating for accessible, affordable, quality public higher education and supporting

    members’ historic mission of serving students who are non-traditional and represent

    diverse backgrounds.

  • Student-Focused

    Committing to programs and policies that help our members place students at the heart

    of their institution.

  • Innovation

    Fostering innovative strategies that help members think deeply and creatively about the

    nature of their work and that encourage institutional achievement.

  • Service

    Being responsive to our member institutions and the diverse students and communities

    they serve.

  • Leadership

    Supporting institutional leaders and providing professional development that

    encourages exemplary practices and innovative management.

  • Accountability

    Fostering responsible and accountable stewardship of public higher education's public



Today, through new communication technologies, an improved governance structure, and

increased member participation, GAAHE has become an even more effective and respected

participant in the political process.  The GAAHE staff meets with policymakers, tracks campus

trends, conducts research, analyzes higher education issues, publishes information, helps

coordinate state-level activities, and advises members of legislative and regulatory

developments with potential impact on their institutions.

GAAHE has spearheaded several major public initiatives, such as the University & College

Accountability Network, offering prospective students and their families concise and

comparable information on private nonprofit colleges and public universities; With more

than 1,000 members worldwide, GAAHE reflects the diversity of private, nonprofit and public

higher education in the United States and Germany. Members include traditional liberal arts

colleges, major research universities, church- and faith-related institutions, historically black

colleges and universities, women's colleges, performing and visual arts institutions, two-year

colleges, and schools of law, medicine, engineering, business, and other professions.


GAAHE provides accreditation to more than 30 disciplines for the common good of higher

education in USA & Germany. To bring the standards of education to a new high, to help all of

mankind to be greater than once thought possible.

GAAHE is an independent, membership-based, non-profit organization dedicated to building

human capital for higher education. GAAHE is the source of choice for information about higher

education institutions; and GAAHE promotes and disseminates examples of effective

educational practice to address those issues. GAAHE members are an international talent pool

willing and ready to share their expertise with colleagues in higher education, policymakers,

media professionals, and the public at large.